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Five Love Languages || Physical Touch


Well readers, we have made it to the last post in our series about the Five Love Languages. I hope that these posts have been somewhat valuable for you, and have helped your understanding of the kind of love that your sweetheart needs.

I invite you to go back and read about the other four love languages if you haven’t already! I have written some of my thoughts on Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time, and Acts of Service.

But in this post, we will be talking about Physical Touch.

When referring to the love language Physical Touch, we are referring to something much more innocent than sexual touch. In this context, Physical Touch means the simple act of physical contact as a way of giving and receiving love.

Individuals who speak the Physical Touch love language feel affirmed when their loved one holds their hand, hugs them, and sits close to them. To these people, physical closeness equates to love.

When Connor and I took the quiz to find out what our love languages were, we were both quite surprised to find that Physical Touch was low on the list. I say that because we are always holding hands or cuddling on the couch. It just goes to show that we all speak all five of the love languages to some extent in our relationships. Even though this isn’t our main love language, Physical Touch is still a way that we express our love for each other, and these are some examples how.

Hold hands.

Hold hands when you’re walking down the street, when you’re in front of your family and friends, when you’re at the movies, when you’re on a dinner date, or even when you’re at home watching tv on the couch. Take advantage of the many opportunities to hold your loved one in your hands.

Sit close to one another.

Why sit feet apart from the one you love when you have the opportunity to be closer to them? Sometimes, for your Physical Touch loved one, physical distance can equate to emotional distance. Reassure them of your love by sitting close to them.

Give your loved one a massage.

Massages are one of the greatest ways to say “I love you, and I love taking care of you and pampering you.” I don’t know what it is about massages, but I always feel so appreciated when my husband is willing to pamper me without reluctance.

Small physical contact at random times.

These are the touches that can send tingles up your love’s spine… touching their hand at the dinner table, putting your hands on their waist while they’re doing the dishes, kiss them gently on the forehead, the list goes on and on! It’s a small act, but it could mean the world to your Physical Touch loved one.


Embrace your loved one! There is a ton of research behind the value of hugs, but it doesn’t take research to know that hugs can actually make us feel loved and safe, especially if you speak the Physical Touch love language. Check out this cute article about Why We Need At Least 8 Hugs a Day!

Just cuddle without the pressures of having to talk.

Sometimes, your Physical Touch loved ones just wants to cuddle and nothing else. They might not want anything else from you other than your touch. Holding each other tight is such as wonderful way to demonstrate not only your love for one another, but reinforce the fact that they are all you need.

When Your Loved One Is Feeling Down…

When I am feeling a little down, sometimes all I want is to hold Connor’s hand. For me, physical touch can be a way to reassure me that I am safe and that everything will be ok. I think a lot of people feel this way when they are in the arms of someone they love. This is some of the advice I would give anyone when I am feeling a little down and in need of some physical touch.

When I am feeling a little down, sometimes the last thing I want to do is talk. Just hug me and sit quietly with me until I’m ready to open up.

Please don’t make me have to ask for a hug! If you can tell I’m sad, just take me in your arms.

Honestly, if I’ve had a long day, a foot massage would make everything better!

Physical Touch in Military Life

Oh man… physical touch in the military life can seem almost impossible sometimes. When you’re loved on is away training or deployed, physical touch truly is impossible. How can we possibly fulfill the needs of our Physical Touch loved one if we are not with them?

Technically, I guess, we can’t. However, there are ways to remind your loved one how much you miss them and remind them of what it feels like to be with you. Sending pictures is a wonderful way to remind your Physical Touch loved one what it can feel like to be with you. Send them a picture of you both hugging, laughing, and simply enjoying the company of one another.

Also, just tell your loved one how much you miss them! Remind them that you would hug them if you could. While you cannot physically be with them, just the knowledge that you miss their presence could mean so much to them.

Well, that’s it! I sincerely hope you enjoyed this series and I hope that it was helpful for you. Thank you for reading along!

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